Mazzini Dino, since 1964

BEWARE: this is a VERY personal site, autobiographical and auto-celebrative
It could make you waste a lot of time, making you read personal things of which you’re almost surely not interested. After having told you this, I’m O.K.

I was Born in Bologna January 23rd, 1964 (you can calculate my present age and my star-sign) by parents who originated from a small town in the Modenese mountains, VERICA, in the municipality of Pavullo in Frignano. I stayed in Bologna until the age of 23 (March 1987). During that period I finished highschool (agrotecnics). I spent five years studying veterinary medicine and took 15 important exams, though I decided not to get my degree. I work in a public office since I was 21 (1985). Since 1997 I decided to work part-time, giving up most of my salary, to have more time for my interests.
After several love stories (more or less long) I got married from 1998 until 2006 with a young woman very younger than me, whom I met following a motorcycle trip to Romania.
After the separation and one year spended as "a single", I finally crossed my way with a girl with one years children, that my heart immediatly recognized she is what I'm looking for, since a lot of time. But in march 2009 I was single again.
Motorcyclist since the age of 16 (1980), passionate of trips, photography, computer, comic books, agriculture, mechanics, off-road, I’m an environmentalist subscribed to the WWF since 1989. Since 1994, I am presently in charge of a group of local action for this association, and I am the representative of this group in the Consulta Ambiente (consult for environment) of my commune.
In 1996 I founded, along with a friend called Nanni, the “Associazione Sportiva 2000MOTO” in which I stayed for 10 years (Sept. 2005) as vice-president. In October 2005 I founded, along with other friends, a new association dedicated to tourism on motorcycles of which I was President and it was closed in june 2017: MOTOVACANZE
To be continue to travel with motorbike and to give my experience to other right now I help the travel agency in Verona a TOP TRAVEL TEAM that continue experience grow up by old club
If you want to nose around, in the menu under here you will see details on things about me that can be known. By clicking here you can write to me. See you !